The Old Stockdale Mill is available for purchase

old grist mill alongside a creek in rural Ontario

Take yourself back to 1867, the birth of Canada as a country. You’re standing on a small bridge overlooking a powerful cascade of water over a dam. This cascade is generating power that drives the water wheel turbines in the grist mill to the right and the sawmill to the left. Behind is a large mill pond, where swimming, summer boating, waterside picnics, winter hockey, and skating take place. All these features form Stockdale Mill, the social hub of a small thriving community near Trenton in eastern Ontario.

Today, standing on that same bridge, you admire the view of the waterfall and the rustic Stockdale Mill grist and cider mills. These structures have been inoperative only 40 years. However, situated on nearly two acres of alluring natural habitat, they are all still a scenic piece of history that artists have been recreating for decades.

Inside, the changes have been dramatic. I have spent several years reconverting the interior and exterior to an inviting four-level, open-concept heritage set of mills that could be utilized as a home, restaurant, retreat, artist's live-in studio, inn, lodge, or many other uses. The cozy ambiance features a mixture of new pine, old barn board and sturdy support beams. Antique fixtures, pictures and furniture abound. And pieces of the old mill, including the two original stone millstones, recall its past. Just as enticing is the breath-taking view of the surging waters outside from the windows on the first, second and third levels. A fourth level leads to a loft. This past year has seen me install new board & batten, construct new porches on both buildings, and paint both buildings

The smaller building, a former cider mill, is connected by two passage-ways. The lower one leads to a large kitchen area and storage space, and the upper one to a spacious den or bedroom. Elsewhere, there are three bathrooms, a bedroom and space for at least one or two more bedrooms. All in all, a unique countryside treasure filled with an historic past.

Peter Sutton

To enquire about rentals at the Stockdale Mill, please contact Jose Nieves at or phone: 416-822-9335 .

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